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The specialist landlord solicitors law firm only for residential landlords.

We are landlord solicitors purely focused on providing expert legal advice and helping residential landlords to get their property back.


Any high street firm will happily carry out legal work for you but they are unlikely to be specialist landlord solicitors acting solely for landlords in landlord and tenant cases.


Proprietary Rights Ltd is a specialist landlord solicitors firm that only acts for residential landlords and has the depth of knowledge to give the right advice immediately. We can save you time and money.

We provide expert, commercially aware advice to landlords to help resolve any dispute with your tenants. We also provide expert advice to pro-active landlords to avoid the common and less common pitfalls of renting out property.

Professional, responsive and cost-effective, we are solicitors helping landlords to develop and where necessary restore their income stream to make their property pay.

We are also very keen to help and develop pro-active landlords who are commercially aware and to give them the tools necessary to operate their lettings business on a professional level avoiding the snares set for the unwary.

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The most common problem faced by landlords is tenants not paying rent. Usually, this is not because they have suddenly decided to spend their money on something else but because their financial circumstances have changed, either temporarily or permanently. Often, the reason tenants stop paying rent is outside their control

It is vitally important that landlords try to deal with non-payment of rent at the earliest possible stage, try to reach agreements with their tenants as to how to resolve the problem and keep accurate records of any communications

If at all possible, landlords should seek to agree a re-payment plan with their tenants and use legal proceedings as a last resort

The success of legal proceedings under the Housing Act 1988 can very often turn on using the right notice and drafting it properly. We can give expert advice and provide expertly drafted up to date s.8 notices of seeking possession on grounds 8, 10 and 11 that form a proper basis for your claim

We can also draft and issue rent claims for possession that comply with all the Court rules and give you the best chance of getting back your property

Whether you are looking for a complete possession proceedings service or just advice on one or more aspect of the process, we can help you make the right decisions, using the right documentation at the right time.


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Proprietary Rights Limited (PRL) is a specialist solicitors’ firm which only deals with landlord and tenant disputes and only acts for landlords, whether or not they are tenants under a superior lease. Unlike most high street solicitors, we do not offer legal advice in any other area of law, which enables us to focus entirely on your problem tenants.

PRL is Headed by its Director, Lawrence Talbot, who has specialised solely in this field for over 10 years having previously been a partner (with a Legal 500 entry) in a specialist firm acting only for social landlords . Unlike some high street firms, which deal with a number of areas of law, PRL is focused exclusively on landlord and tenant disputes.

We offer old fashioned virtues of integrity and genuine professionalism built on an in-depth knowledge of  the law and commercial acumen. However, we are not "stuffy lawyers" and pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable. Please ring to find out!

We recognise legal proceedings as a last resort. If there is a way to achieve your aims without issuing a claim, we will give you the right advice on how to do so.

Equally, if you cannot avoid the Court process, we can provide first-class advice and representation.



Contact us on 07305 188 103 or email info@proprietaryrights.co.uk for immediate assistance.

Rent Possession Claims

Tenants not paying the rent


Disrepair - advice for landlords

Disrepair claims are increasingly brought by tenants using "no-win, no fee" solicitors and can easily catch out unwary landlords. Early identification of repairs issues is vital even if they are not reported by your tenant. In many cases, knowledge of repair issues may be "imputed" to a landlord even without a report from a tenant.

The first thing many landlords will know of a potential claim will be a letter threatening legal action -  a letter under the Pre-action Protocol for Housing Condition Claims. As specialist solicitors for landlords we can advise on the proper response to such letters including alternatives to claims in the County Court. Equally, some cases have no proper basis but the threat of legal action can lead landlords to make the wrong decision. Get the right advice at the earliest possible stage and manage the risk based on it.

We can help landlords with:


  • Stand-alone claims for disrepair

  • Counterclaims only raised when you issue a claim for rent arrears

  • Tenants who have legal aid

  • Negotiating settlements where necessary

  • Representation in Court and throughout the litigation process

If you are worried about a claim against you call us on:

07305 188 103 or email info@proprietaryrights.co.uk

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