Anti-social Behaviour 

Do you have tenants causing anti-social behaviour including damage to property? You may need to serve a notice under grounds 12 and 14 of schedule 2 to the Housing Act 1988


Current s.21 notices require you to give 6 months' notice to your tenants. In cases of anti-social behaviour you may be dealing with ongoing complaints from neighbours and potentially from the local authority for a long period of time plus your property may be severely damaged


We can give expert advice on dealing with anti-social behaviour in both the short and the long term, including as to the viability of injunctions and/or proceedings for possession based on breach of tenancy and the statutory ground of anti-social behaviour

If Government plans to remove s.21 proceedings as an option go through, private landlords may have no option but to bring claims based on anti-social behaviour


Get expert advice from specialist landlord solicitors who have extensive experience in these types of claims

We can help you deal with anti-social behaviour in an efficient, cost-effective manner - get the right advice before taking any action

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