Forms and Notices for Landlords

There are numerous different forms and notices that landlords may be required to use from time to time

Some notices are 'prescribed forms' which must be worded exactly as set out in legislation or be "substantially to the same effect"

Many of the prescribed forms are easily available online from Government websites or elsewhere but not all are conveniently editable

For other types of form and notice there is no 'prescribed form' and it can be difficult to know what to include and what is unnecessary.

We can provide proper advice as to the correct forms and notices to use, supply editable versions including draft notices for rent possession claims, Notices to Quit and forfeiture Notices under s.146 of the Law of Property Act 1925

We even offer a free Notice to Quit template: just click here

We can also draft any necessary forms for you that will be "bullet-proof" in Court

For expert advice on forms and notices call Proprietary Rights Ltd on 07305 188 103or email