Leases  and Forfeiture


Most leases are written in very old-fashioned language that can be very hard to interpret. We can advise on the proper meaning and application of the clauses in your lease, whether you are a lessor or lessee


We can also give you expert advice on how to make sure the other party to your lease is complying with their obligations - the covenants in the lease - and how to resolve issues in dispute

Forfeiture sounds like an archaic concept but in fact, every lease or even fixed term tenancy should contain a properly drafted forfeiture clause

We regularly deal with issues which may involve or include elements of forfeiture, whether or not there is a requirement to serve notice of forfeiture under s.146 of the Law of Property Act 1925

We can provide expert advice on forfeiture and/or forfeiture clauses in the context of leases or fixed term tenancies


We can also provide template s.146 notices and advise upon the proper procedure in the First-Tier Tribunal or County Court as the case may be

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