The latest on possession claims in Covid-19:

  • No evictions until 31 March 2021 (with some exceptions) - extended on 14 February 2021

  • Possession claims started again on 21 September 2020 but backlog of 45,000 cases will take over one year to clear

  • Reactivation Notices required for claims already issued

  • Review hearings required (before substantive hearing) where Judges will be "expected to dismiss claims" if paperwork not in order, although can give directions

  • Court bundles required for Review Hearings

  • Stayed claims to be heard in order of priority

  • Expect to wait, at the very least, over 7 weeks for a substantive hearing on stayed claims

  • From 29.08.20: 6 months’ notice period for all s.21 notices and for s.8 notices based on rent arrears with less than 6 months' rent owing​. If rent arrears 6 months' or more, s.8 notice must give 4 weeks' notice.

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